About The GDPR Readiness Toolkit

Big changes are coming for all businesses that handle personal data (which is pretty much all businesses).

A new EU wide law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to be introduced that will place new requirements for communicating with customers about how you use their information, keeping it secure, and giving them access to it.

The finer points of the requirements still need to be ironed out, the text is now final and will come into force in 2018.

What you can and should do now is get ready, so when the law does change you will be prepared for the transition.

The GDPR Readiness Toolkit will help you take the first steps by:

  • Helping you map the flow of data across your business
  • Giving you a record of who has access to what data and what it is used for
  • Helping you ensure your privacy notices to customers are clear and up to date
  • Keeping you abreast of the progress of the new law – and how it will impact your business.

The GDPR Readiness Toolkit is a set of online services, a Swiss army knife for data protection.  Much of it is still being built, but if you get involved today – you can also help shape it to become the best tool to meet your needs.

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