Data Privacy Services

We provide consultancy, advice, products and software development services to organisations looking to improve their online privacy and data protection practices.

The key drivers for making improvements are:

  • Proper handling of personal data is becoming both more important and more complex in our information driven economy.  In many organisations, the personal data they collect and manage is a key asset.
  • The changing regulatory landscape is making privacy compliance more time consuming, while increasing fines for breaches of the law represent a significant risk to businesses of all sizes.
  • Lack of understanding and poor management controls are the biggest contributors to breaches of data protection law.  They also lead to organisational inefficiencies and failures to get the best value from data.
  • Consumer expectations of privacy are also shifting.  Significant numbers have stopped using services due to privacy concerns, and trust in the handling of customer information is decreasing. Many also say they are prepared to pay a premium for privacy oriented services.

Our Data Privacy services will help you manage personal data and consumer expectations more effectively.  With our combined technology and privacy expertise we can help you put in place systems and processes to minimise compliance risk, increase customer confidence, and get better value from one of your most important assets.

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