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Selected Posts

EU Data Protection Fines

EU Data Protection Law Fines

Under the new EU Data Protection law, fines for noncompliance can be up to 2% of “annual worldwide turnover”*. These fines would be imposed on the data collector by the supervisory authority (the governmental body that handles data security within a member state) on a case-by-case basis and be “effective, proportionate and dissuasive.”* The qualifications […]

Right to

The Right to be Forgotten

The right to be forgotten is part of the European Union’s January 2012 proposal to revise the Data Protection Directive. The proposed Data Protection Regulation would mandate that personal data belongs to the data subject (the person whose data is being collected) and does not belong to the data controller or the data processor; therefore, […]

EU Data Protection Timeline

EU Data Protection Regulation Timeline

The Data Protection Regulation is intended to replace the earlier Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC) which was passed in 1995.  Massive changes in technology, and the explosion in the availability and use of personal data online meet the current laws are hopelessly out of date. Work supposedly began on the re-write in 2010, but the […]