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Selected Posts

Collateral Damage in the Cloud: The Jurisdictional War over Personal Data

It may already be a little clichéd to talk of data as the new oil, but personal data is undoubtedly a lubricant of frictionless digital economics. The wheels of many free services would stop turning if consumers didn’t keep filling the tank with their Likes, tweets and cat videos. However, just as both consumers and […]


Will Google Break up its Privacy Policy?

  Google announced yesterday a major re-structuring which will see it broken up into a number of smaller businesses, owned by a new holding company, Alphabet, with a typically unconventional domain – According Larry Page’s letter on the home page of the new site, the aim of this exercise is to make the financials […]

Privacy and Social Media: Incompatible or Indispensable?

The growth of social media platforms, and particularly their seeming indispensability to the lives of the digital natives, is often used as evidence of the death of both the desire for privacy and its attendant social relevance. In a post-Facebook world, aren’t privacy worries increasingly confined to the old folks’ home and a few wonks? […]

GDPR Negotiations – Seconds Out, Round Three

The EU Council has confirmed, as widely expected, it has reached an agreement on the General Data Protection Regulation, almost three and a half years since the first publication of the proposals by the Commission. The latest published version of the text shows significant differences of opinion remain amongst member states, but this milestone now […]