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Selected Posts

DPR Progress: The Final Furlong?

Can it be true?  Three and a half years after first publication, it is starting to look and sound like we may get a finished piece of legislation by the end of the year. We have this week seen the (almost) final text of the Council, with all changes consolidated into a coherent text: […]

Belgium, Facebook, the One Stop Shop and Forum Shopping

Belgium’s data protection body the CPP is continuing its investigation of Facebook’s privacy policy by making an argument that it has the authority (“Competence” in Legal/Eurospeak) to demand changes to the social media giant’s tracking practices in Belgium. It is an approach that flies in the face of established practice, tests out the limits of […]

Lessons from London’s Leading Privacy Conference

The annual Data Protection Intensive, organised by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), is a 2 day conference bringing together leading privacy experts from many different countries and industries. This year’s conference, which took place in mid-April, was my first and I found it very enjoyable and informative. Privacy and Data Protection have been growing in […]

Start Preparing for the DPR: Know Your Data

Organisations should not wait for the EU to finalise new privacy rules before taking action.  This was the message from the ICO as the UK data regulator released both a 3 year corporate plan, alongside the results of a new annual survey into consumer attitudes to privacy and data protection last week. Although it seems […]