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Selected Posts

Online Tracking and the Data Protection Regulation

By far and away the most pervasive collection of information from people is in the online space.  Just about every click, mouse movement, touch or keypress is captured as a stream of data that can be endlessly analysed, and ultimately monetised, by some organisation somewhere. That raw ‘clickstream’ data becomes a behavioural profile which can […]

Facebook Data Practices Breaking EU Law

With limited information and an absence of meaningful user choice, Facebook’s behavioural profiling and resulting targeted advertising practices do not meet the requirements for legally valid consent, according to a new report (PDF) from experts at the University of Leuven and Brussels Free University. The report was commissioned by the Belgian Data Protection Authority, the CPP […]

Germany Proposes Class Actions for Data Protection

One of the big differences between the USA and Europe when it comes to privacy law is in the respective enforcement regimes. In the EU, breaches of data protection laws are investigated by Data Protection Authorities (DPAs), whose maximum powers are generally to hand out fines of a fairly limited nature.   This money either funds […]

It’s Not the TV that’s Smart

Samsung came under fire recently when it was revealed that the privacy policy on its latest line of Smart TVs warned anyone bothering to read it not to say anything of a sensitive nature within range, because it might just send your conversation off to some unspecified other company for analysis. Then just a few […]